Nestled in the heart of Queenscliff, this historic group accommodation offers an intimate and unforgettable experience. With its beautiful surroundings and cozy accommodations, Seaview House is the perfect place
to create lasting memories and celebrate all of life’s milestones.

A lookback into the past

During the late nineteenth century, the Borough of Queenscliffe developed into one of Victoria’s premier seaside destinations providing unique holiday experiences. Well known guest houses included Seaview where their guests were provided a communal experience, eating together in the dining room, playing games and participating in concerts.

The rich history of the heritage building started back in 1875 as a single storey greengrocer’s shop and dwelling. Boasting its charming veranda, picket fence, and gates facing the beautiful landscapes of Hesse Street and Stokes Street. In 1890, a second storey was added to the building, adorned with elegant iron balustrades and lacework. The picket fence was also replaced with corrugated iron to fully develop the transformation of the house. From then on, the enlarged residence of the greengrocer’s shop became the famous Seaview Coffee Palace. Making its own introduction to Queenscliff by providing the first taste of the famous coffee palaces or temperance hotels. 

Timeless elegance of a bygone era 

The remainder of the original greengrocery shop is now the Seaview Art Gallery, which lies downstairs of our historic accommodation. Featuring the ever-changing exhibitions and exquisite paintings by established and emerging artists from all around Australia. For serious art collectors, first-time buyers, or visitors in the Bellarine Peninsula, this is something to look forward to. 

Today visitors coming to Queenscliff for rest and recreation have much the same expectations, to escape the “hustle and bustle of the city” and enjoy a relaxed stay by the seaside. Many of todays holiday makers are third and forth generation visitors to the area who value the area’s history and sophistication with first class accommodation, dining and recreational activities. The preservation of such historical landmarks allows visitors to appreciate and celebrate their enduring elegance for generations to come. Seaview House holds its legacy and commitment to hospitality, providing an unforgettable experience with every stay. 

The beginning of a new era 

In December 2023 Seaview House had a change of ownership with a young local family acquiring the property. With Rachael’s background in accommodation and tourism and Matt’s extensive experience in carpentry it has been the perfect combination to breathe fresh new life into the property while preserving its historic charm. Full of passion and enthusiasm, building works and upgrades have already begun. They plan to attend to the buildings maintenance by upgrading its services and facilities to allow modern style living whilst keeping the old building charm and creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests old and new. 

Experience an ultimate getaway escape in Queenscliff